Stay Motivated to Workout in Your Home Gym

We all know it’s not easy to get motivated to workout at home. It’s even more difficult to stay motivated. Self-discipline is needed to workout at the gym and at home. However, with a home gym, you have to face the added at-home temptations that can steer you away from your goals. Here are our tips to keep you on track and motivated to workout at home:

Create a Dedicated Workout Space

Having your own home gym is an excellent first step to feeling you are in control of your fitness goals. If all of your equipment is organized in one designated area, you’ll have that same “going to the gym” outlook when you enter. You will psychologically know you’re there to get your workout completed and therefore you’ll be much less likely to become derailed. When the mood strikes, there will be nothing get in the way of a successful workout. If you need assistance creating your space, we can provide a 3D computerized design layout to help you build the workout room of your dreams!

Plaster Your Space with Motivation

When decorating your dedicated workout space, add accents to complement and boost your workout. Whether with posters, sticky notes or paint, plaster your space with words and images that motivate you. If you want some ideas, come check out the walls in our retail store locations!

Schedule Time to Workout

Finding the motivation to get started is always the biggest hurdle. By establishing a set time each day to workout, you will have less room for excuses to delay. Habits are hard to break – even good ones.

Plan Your Routines in Advance

Once you’ve scheduled a time to workout, have a plan in place for which area of your body you want to work on each day. Spend some time doing research to establish the types of routines you want to include in your schedule. Let us help. Our trained fitness professionals will be happy to set up a workout routine for you at no charge. Stop in and pick our brains.

Have a Workout Buddy

When you’d rather stay in bed or watch TV, a workout buddy can keep you on track. The accountability of a friend brings motivation and inspiration. It’s always tougher to disappoint a friend than to skip a workout on your own. Be mindful of choosing a buddy who is also dedicated to their fitness goals. In addition, have a plan in place to workout alone on the days your workout friend is not available.

Avoid Distracting Electronics Between Exercise Sets

Surfing the internet and scrolling through social media are unnecessary distractions when you are exercising. Too many people use their smartphones between sets. Before they know it, 10 minutes have passed. Their body has cooled down, and they have lost momentum. To avoid this problem, keep your electronics out of reach, especially during strength training.

Don’t Forget the Jams

During cardio workouts, the right music can keep you focused and motivated. It can also keep your mind from wandering. Fill your playlist with the up-tempo songs that keep you going! We can even help set up an audio-visual system to stream any of the great workout sessions that many fitness equipment manufacturers now provide. It’s like having a personal trainer who comes right to your home for free or at very low cost (depending on the site you choose to stream).

With the right fitness equipment, setting and music, it can be so much easier to stay motivated to workout at home (especially with a buddy cheering you along). Our professionals are ready to help you choose the perfect equipment for your home gym and/or create your workout space. To get started, give us a call (📞(727) 314-7821), shop our products at, or visit one of our locations!